Age-Friendly Health Systems for Older Adults & Families

Creating Age-Friendly Health Communities

SETxGWEP is working with local clinical care partners to make the care provided reliably age-friendly.

What Matters Most to You

What matters most in life and health is different for everyone. A new website,, is available to help older adults identify what matters most to them about their health and their healthcare. Going through this process helps them make care decisions with their healthcare team based on What Matters Most to them. grew out of the Patient Priorities Care approach, which helps patients and clinicians focus all decision-making and healthcare on what matters most: patients’ own health priorities. This approach is particularly suited for older adults who manage multiple conditions and navigate multiple clinicians. guides people (and their caregivers, if they desire) through the health priorities identification process. At the end, they will have a template/summary that outlines their Health Priorities (the life and health goals/activities they want their health care to help them with given what they are willing and able to do) and the One Thing that they most want to focus on.

The MyHealthPriorities summary can be shared with families and health care teams who can then work together to align healthcare decisions with what matters most to each person and are consistent with the health care tasks and medications each person willing and able to do/take.

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